When you need help or advice you can trust GE Kilns to have the answers you seek. We provide a wide range of services to assist you in achieving the best possible results for your chosen field.


Getting the right equipment

What is the best option for your particular needs and situation? We can advise you on kiln rentals, new purchases - whatever best suits your needs.


Checking your existing setup

We conduct safety inspections and kiln reports to check the integrity and efficiency of your existing installations. We can also advise on kiln venting and removal of toxic combustion gases.


Electricity or gas

We help you to determine the best solution for your requirements. What fuel best suits your intended work? What site restrictions do you need to consider?


Firing Advice

  • Not sure why something is happening with your kiln?
  • Can't explain why the glaze is looking different to what you expected?
  • Why do my firings cost so much compared to other people's?
  • Why won't my kiln reach the desired temperature?

GE Kilns offer professional advice and analysis of your firing problems.

Contact: Andrew Billington
Address: Factory 6 / 1225 KooWeeRup Rd, Pakenham, VIC
Phone: 0408 391 860
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